Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am writing this blog post to help others with bad credit issues see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finding bad credit loans is by far the biggest financial hurdle those with poor credit face. More often than not those lenders who do offer personal loans for bad credit take advantage of their customers with outrageously inflated repayments that push them into yet more debt, and lower their credit still further.

I have been on a fixed income for several years and budgeting large expenses without a loan is impossible. I am considered to have poor credit, bad credit, credit risk.. whatever words lenders use to describe someone who struggles to repay credit. The reality I have found is that loans for poor credit come at an unfair price, but, there are several lenders waking up now to their customer's needs and offering personal loans for bad credit that help their least desirable customers to repair their credit, while cushioning their limited finances and making them into happy returning customers. is a leading light in the bad credit loans industry and have consistently demonstrated to me that they are there to help me, and others with poor credit loan needs like myself, who for whatever reason have credit problems.

I have had "bad credit" personal loans from them half a dozen times now, and I want other out there who may be struggling like I was, to know that choosing this lender for bad credit personal loans will make a huge difference, not only to your finances but your emotional well-being too. I was suffering stress and depression because I was struggling to meet expenses on my low income, and as I had always worked and been able to support myself until the accident which led to my claiming disability benefits, the shame was almost too much to bear. I had fallen from living within my means, to becoming "one of those people".. someone with bad credit. In the past, when I was earning, I blindly judge all people with bad credit and poor credit problems to be deserving, but my eyes have opened to the whole system and how it creates and reinforces debt problems by milking already hard up customers.

There are many reasons a person can struggle financially, bad luck and ignorance play as much of a part as irresponsibility, but whatever the cause, we all as people need to meet big expenses and if personal loans for  bad credit are your only option then they should at least be a fair one! And, that is what First Choice Capital Loans provide! Their first loan was set according to my means to repay, comfortably. They showed great sensitivity to my financial circumstances and while their repayments were a little higher (as they always are on bad credit personal loans versus regular loans) they were very fair. Their customer service team treated me compassionately, and with non-judgement. Their loan enabled me to meet illness-related personal expenses and reduced stress for me, taking the pressure off me mentally and I firmly believe aiding in my healing. At a time when bad credit was making it impossible for me to get the personal loan I needed, they delivered.. and I cannot thank them enough!

First Choice Capital Loans have a range of personal loans for bad credit, which enable the customer to choose one that matches the amount they need to borrow with their ability to repay. These bad credit personal loans will help you to repair your credit, as you repay, on time and in full, entries on your credit record will show this and that you are trying to act responsibly and within your means. They also pay out extremely fast, and many people reading this will know the difference a day makes when bills are overdue.. Their speed of payout means you have cash loans right when you need them, so they're great for people who cannot afford to wait for personal loans regardless of credit history.

In conclusion I'd say that First Choice Capital Loans are working hard to break the stigma and abuse surrounding customers with bad credit, by offering targeted personal loans for bad credit, which pay out fast. Loans for poor credit are needed more and more in today's financial climate, as even those with an untrouble credit past are suddenly falling into bad credit through accident and circumstance. It can happen to anyone and as a country we need to be more understanding, and end the ignorance and prejudice against people with bad credit, so that unscrupulous lenders can no longer milk them. If more lenders offered bad credit personal loans services like they do, then there would be no need for anyone to struggle with basic living expenses.